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Aired 04/05/2020

Special thanks to the following organizations who are helping to make this possible.

Whenever you are thinking of supporting an organization or making a purchase, we ask that you consider these fine folks. They had your back when you needed it, REMEMBER.

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We are making appSAVE® Free to any Utah business who wants it. This new technology WILL HELP both now and in the coming recoverey phase.

appSAVE® now FREE

Business Owners

appSAVE® is free till further notice.
No Strings, No Gotcha's, we are here to help.

Click on the CaliforniaSAVE Emblem to go there.

We have a series of Free Tools to help in these trying times.
What can you do Right Now? Here is an introduction.

Decide what message you want to "Push Out" when folks come within range of your GeoFENCE.
So What is a GeoFENCE?
Make it a menu, new hours, whatever you need.
Just let us know.
We use Push Notifications.

Don't have a website or need it updated? No problem. Let's speak on the phone and we'll get cracking, our treat.
Touchless is the new buzzword and we can make that happen. And the cool part, we use and we'll show you how to Stay Free.

Absolutely Not.
GeoFENCE: Down the road, when we are well into recovery, we may start charging a subscription fee to push out messages and engage with folks but even if you don't want that, you keep your GooMAPS listing and stay free as long as you want.
Websites: This system is FREE and Open Source. When this is all over we show you how to take it over and do everything you need on your own for Free.

You decide what you need. Click on the emblem to go there now as there are some things you can do Right Now.
Everything we have is Free of Charge till well after our Commander in Chief gives the All Clear Sign.

Get your Free System

Touchless Connect
while Saving Money

  • Find the Best Local Businesses that are close to you Right Now.
  • Find What you need, When you need it, on Auto-Pilot or make a few clicks.
  • Help Local businesses and Engage with them.
  • Know their new hours, updates, drive-up service, delivery, etc.
  • Update Google Maps.
  • Filter what's delivered to you.
  • Put the Brakes on Spam.
  • And a LOT MORE

Consumers have TWO ways to find the Best Local Businesses with Free systems that make their SmartPhones a LOT SMARTER.

Businesses don't need to be in Survial Mode, it's time to start thinking about Recovery and Growth.
Engage your customers on Their Device, when They want, thenb build Relationships and Loyalty.

We at appSAVE® are doing our part by making our Products and Services FREE.

Chck it out.


Your SmartPhone is pretty smart, but
It can be a LOT SMARTER!

It can alert you to the businesses and deals you choose, Only the ones you Want, When and Where you want them.

It's One App you won't be able to live without.

The Best Of City

You can't go wrong with a business featured here.

Watch for the in-store Emblem.

Note the NATIONAL LOOKUP on the site.

Another Cool, FREE System

Another Exclusive tool we have incorporated into our system and guess what, it's FREE and you can do it Right Now.
We show you how to do this with the QR codes, or you can opt to have it tied in with your GeoFence for auto delivery.
Watch the movie.


Free System for your Organization

Get the Announcements, Messages and Alerts you need from your Organization or Group on Auto-Pilot and TOUCHLESS.

We GIVE Schools, Churches, Cities, Golf Courses, HOA's, or any Non-Profit Organization a FREE system that will allow them to stay in touch with you and deliver timely alerts when you approach the facility, or wherever they deem the messages appropriate.

If they haven't heard about this, tell them.
It's FREE and they have total control over the messages & timing, 

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