It's Time to ACT.

Folks, it's Tough. So bad in fact you are probably asking,
Will I Survive?
Let's band together and we will weather this storm.
See the details below.

  1. What can you do Right Now?  
    First, contact me, Dr. Rick Mayer, let's talk. c= 801-913-5566. 
    Let's come up with a workable strategy.
  2. No Fees.  We simply MUST come up with a plan.
    This is not a bait and switch, thanks to our supporters we are waiving all fees for all services.
  3. Let Everyone know about
    The app (appSAVE® in the app stores) will be your lifesaver. It will be the portal to how folks find out about you and how you can still help them get what they need.
  4. Websites and Online Presence - If you need an online presence so your folks can continue to do business with you, let's talk about what you need and again, totally Free.
  5. If you need us to host it we can even do that. Then, after this is all over, we can then show you how you can host it yourself at a Fraction of what you are probably paying now. 
  6. We'lI build a site for you but don't worry. After this crisis is over we'll show you how to take it over yourself and do your own editing and updates, again for FREE. You won't be locked into anything or any sort of arrangement.
    Some of the sites we do, and and and and
  • Let's begin with your Free GooMAPS Listing - Contact me and I'll get you into the app.
    Then let's decide what you need to pulse out to folks who are then near or in the business.
    We do that through a GeoFence.
    Need a Loyalty Program, no problem.  Let's Stragegize, set it up and get going.
  • Convert to an Online Business - If you need a website to accomplish this, let us know and we will handle it at No Charge. You need to let folks know that you are in business and here to stay, and here to work with them online. 
  • eCommerce Site - If you aren't set up to do this, now is the time to think about it.
    The time has come to not only consider immediate survival, but develop a plan moving forward for how you operate in a Post Coronavirus World.
  • Finally, if you think this is some sort of bait and switch and that maybe I have some sort of an angle then don't contact me. I have a lot going on right now, helping business owners who want help.
    We are in this together and I'm here to help.
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